Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Back to the grind

Why is it, the only time I've found to blog is in the middle of the night? Is this how it is for all mommy bloggers? It must be.
Today was my first FULL DAY back to work. 8 hours without my baby! Ok, ok, my Toddler... Granola Baby is nearly 16 months old. It's been tough leaving her. Heartbreaking to hear her cry for me when I leave in the morning... But she does good with her daddy during the day. He can even get her to take a nap without babywearing, a car ride, or nursing... The only ways she will nap for me!
Overall this going back to work thing has been very rewarding. I work for a local coffee roasting company, North Pole Coffee, at their cafe in the community hospital. I worked in coffee for years before becoming a nanny, and shortly there after, a mom. It is so refreshing to have some "grown up" time in my days. I love working in coffee; the heat, the smell; the timing & rythum of pulling shots & steaming milk; the friendly interaction with customers. I feel young again: invincible. 
It's almost silly, that I get such a deep sense of satisfaction from something as simple as a little coffee job. But it feels good.
To top it off, I'm so proud of my man! He has really stepped up to the plate, both as father & partner. Seeing him shine in his role as daddy, makes him stragely attractive. I find myself falling for him all over again, but in a new & different way. A grown up way? Perhaps. Does this bring on pangs of baby fever? Most def. 
but alas we are not in a super hurry to get pregnant again. It will happen when the time is right. 

So why am I up at nearly 1 am, you ask? To write to you, beautiful blog readers! Beyond that, I am ironing a beautiful  handwoven wrap I've got to ship out tomorrow for a trade, & washing baby's AppleCheeks cloth diapers. 
Are there ever enough hours in the day? 
But make the most if the hours you have. La vie est belle! 

Speaking of AppleCheeks Cloth Diapers, be sure to check out my friend (&fellow AppleCheeks Ambassador) Samantha's blog! She's hosting a giveaway right now for an AppleCheeks cover & bamboo insert:

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